noun | ma·ven | /ˈmāvən/

: an expert or connoisseur
: a person who is knowledgeable about a particular subject
: one who seeks to pass knowledge onto others

Digital marketing isn’t just our obsession, it’s who we are. through digital solutions and custom contracts, we succeed in providing short and long term services for our clients.

The Lab


"Meyvyn has become an essential component to the way we market to our customers. We rely on their unique vision, creative expertise and progressive ideas every day. Meyvyn goes above and beyond expectations and their professionalism is unmatched."

Mike, Carriage House

"MEYVYN was instrumental in growing our social following and conveying a consistent, high-end band image"

Aaron, TroupeFIt
Aaron, TroupeFIt


MEYVYN doesn’t have a second string; no b-players playing an a-game.

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